Creating a Market Analysis for a Business Plan

As the CEO of the business consulting and development firm Amare, Dominic O’Dierno works closely with startups seeking guidance on funding approaches and strategic planning. Dominic O’Dierno is highly-experienced in all aspects of early-stage business planning, including contract negotiations and business plan writing.

Most startups will require a solid business plan in order to convince early-stage funders of the feasibility and potential profitability of their company. Including a market analysis within the business plan will demonstrate the size and scale of the business’ target consumer base and the level of competition within that market.

Ideally, the market analysis should describe the state of the industry, including predicted growth and other important trends. This should be followed by a detailed description of the company’s target market, including demographic information, potential value, and a plan for reaching this market segment. Finally, the plan should review other competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and identify gaps that are not addressed by current providers.