Childhelp’s Speak Up for Children Teaches Valuable Skills

A security and business consultant based in Portland, Oregon, Dominic O’Dierno serves as chief executive officer of consulting firm Amare. In this role, he has served on the advisory board of Sendant Health and as consulting chief financial officer for Real Benefits Group. Outside his responsibilities with Amare, Dominic O’Dierno supports charitable organizations that protect and help victims of child abuse.

The world’s largest organization devoted to helping victims of child abuse, ChildHelp has operated the National Child Abuse Hotline since 1982. Additionally, Childhelp’s Speak Up for Kids programs offers educational resources to help prevent and interrupt cycles of abuse, bullying, or neglect. The evidence-based curriculum teaches youth from kindergarten through 12th grade how to recognize unsafe or abusive behaviors, drawing on research in child development and social psychology to create concrete strategies. In addition to learning how to identify unsafe behaviors, children learn to create a safe, supportive network of peers and adults they can reach out to for help.

Taught by trained facilitators twice a year, Speak Up for Kids programs also offer online resources and take-home activities to reinforce key concepts for students.